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You can find us at the bottom of the world in New Zealand.  With naturally balanced and thriving ecosystems and air that originates from the distant oceans around Antarctica, we are one of the last places on earth to enjoy pure, untouched nature.  Getting here is quite the journey.

Frozen Landscape

As you pass the equator, you leave behind 90% of the world’s population, and a natural occurring protective ‘chemical equator’ insulates us from the Northern Hemisphere’s pollution. Keep heading south to the last populated nation before you reach Antarctica, you will find New Zealand, a remote country deep in the South Pacific, vast distances from the world’s population.


Travel even further to our South Island, and you will soon discover that we are the planet’s least crowded country, a wild and natural environment free of virtually all human activity.  Nestled in the south west corner of the South Island, you will find Organic Farm New Zealand – an incredibly remote region, free from light and air pollution with a naturally balanced organic ecosystem unlike any other on earth.

Hikers in Mountainous Landscape

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Organic Farm New Zealand specializes in high-impact nutritional supplements, meal replacements and snack foods.  Our farm has been BioGro certified since 2006, and we take pride in our long history of sustainable, organic farming practices.

Basket of Organic Vegetables


Our passion for food technology innovation and top quality organic ingredients combine to create products which offer the highest level of nutritional and health benefits, with an emphasis on rejuvenation.  Our black garlic, manuka honey and high-yield enzyme extracts offer promising benefits in this field.

Hanging Herbs

Seasonal Balance

By recognizing the nutritional requirements of each changing season, we aim to offer a range of products that can help balance and stabilize the body. We provide personalized programs to identify local climates and provide suggestions for seasonal food choices.

Dry Woods

Athletic Performance

Nutritional requirements vary according to different levels of athletic activity.  For elite level athletes, the body requires specialized support.  We offer a range of products designed specifically to facilitate athletic development and performance.

Green House

Coming Soon...

In 2020, Organic Farm New Zealand will be launching a range of artesian organic baked goods.  Contact us for enquiries and orders.

Making Bread
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